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Nightingale Creator SMP is a creator-led, inclusive survival Minecraft server dedicated to the spirit of collaboration and chaos across multiple platforms. Scapi produces Nightingale SMP with a bevy of creators and was founded in collaboration with Twitch streamer Sailor Sundae.

If you or someone you know is a creator interested in getting involved with the project, applications are still open and we encourage all interested to apply.

You can find the application here.

Sundae (she/her) [SailorSundae]

Sundae is a graphic designer and Self-Appointed Plant Lady.

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ThanksInternet (she/her) [ThanksInternet]

I’ve lived on both coasts of Canada. I have a tattoo of an MS Paint drawing I’ve done on stream.

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Bella (she/her) [notbella8]

Works in cybersecurity and used to have a license to operate heavy machinery.

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Prince (he/him) [ThePrinceofGems]

Largest audience performed in front of solo was about 1500 people. Has watched the entirety of Steven Universe more than 10 times (led to current username).

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Jinx (she/they) [PixelyJinx]

I’m obsessed with turtles, and I love bees.

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Strax (they/them) [cryptid strax]

Writes Poetry and likes to play chess (in their opinion badly).

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Mars (they/them) [ultramarsx]

hobbies include pretending to be a cowboy and playing minecraft :cowboy:

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Angelos (he/him) [RetroAngelos]

“I am a tech nerd and I’ve got dual identities: Greek and Dutch.

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