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“Supported by” boxes

This is our base level, we suggest folks getting their logo put on the site throughout the year 

Get your logo on the sidebar of every Scapi page for $25/month, sign up under subscribe and send a photo of your logo to


Sidebar and After Post ads


One or both, shown on every page and after every post we publish, this placing is prominent and can make sure to deliver the message you want. We reccomend running an ad for anywhere between two weeks and a couple months.

We want our advertising to reflect our publishing choices, and as such we do offer sliding scale pricing depending on your budget. Shoot us an email at for a monthly rate.




Podcast Spots

We produce a variety of podcasts that can fit your needs, we love finding compatible pairings for local makers.


This could be you, but you’re missing out.

We want to change that. Are you interested in working with us?
Send us an email at



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