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Sustainable Fashion

This week we’re talking about sustainable and accessible fashion! We talk about brands who are doing the damn thing when it comes to labor practices and eco-friendly/sustainable systems, as well…

Movie Slap Fight

Great Scott! Today on the couch we have another Movie Slap Fight with Nick and Tyler. This time we pit two time travel movies against each other: Back to the…


Make no mistake, there’s definitely still a whole pandemic out there. Buuuuut we talk about how we’re slowly starting to return to slight, very slight, normalcy. But also, Christ alive…

Sounding Board 06.21.21

It’s Sounding Board, this episode Daniel and Sundae talk about DMs, receiving them, sending them, and the etiquette around them, especially as small content creators. Also no dick pics pls

Untitled Summer Episode

IT’S SUMMER! And we are claiming it for fatties – we talk swim suits, putting the sand in sandwich, and we’re gonna try and NAME THE SUMMER!

Sounding Board 06.15.21

It’s Sounding Board! Daniel and Sundae sit down to talk about Florida banning critical race theory, Bo Burnham’s Inside, and Daniel got his tiktok deleted for rolling a joint in…