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Scapi Magazine

Sounding Board 10.22.20

Daniel and Maureen sit down to talk about the last presidential debate, everyone won according to their fanbase, AOC played Among Us on Twitch, and uterus talk

Just a Catch Up!

We took this episode to catch you podcast bbs up on definitely new, and possibly exciting updates in our universe! We recorded this two weeks ago, which in 2020 is…

Flanjo Feels

We’re joined by plus-size style influencer and autumn-phile, Maggie McGill! We talk about ways to still enjoy fall during a pandemic, how Maggie got started in all this madness, Mumford…

Sounding Board 10.03.20

This Sounding Board Maureen and Daniel talk Digital social lives and the new normal of pandemic conditions, Biden and Trump debating leaves us all losing, Trump has COVID and no…