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Scapi Magazine

The Boys Go Satanic

Today it’s just Nick and Tyler on the couch! We discuss Montero, the Satanic Panic and how it messed with D&D, the Divine Comedy, and Meth!

The “Sick Enough” Trap

TW: ED Recovery We’re back! And we’re joined by Molly from the My Big Fat Recovery Podcast! We talk about doctors (blech), fat shaming in recovery circles both in treatment…

mtbatv ft. Anime Savants

We have two guests on the couch this time: the Anime Savants have Instant Transmissioned into the void! Today’s episode covers the Ghost in the Shell conundrum, Dragonball Z Abridged,…


It’s the episode where we’re all moving! No seriously, over the next three months, all three of us are moving, and we’re stressed We talk about fresh starts, packing, and…