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Untitled Summer Episode

IT’S SUMMER! And we are claiming it for fatties – we talk swim suits, putting the sand in sandwich, and we’re gonna try and NAME THE SUMMER!

Sounding Board 06.15.21

It’s Sounding Board! Daniel and Sundae sit down to talk about Florida banning critical race theory, Bo Burnham’s Inside, and Daniel got his tiktok deleted for rolling a joint in…

Sounding Board 06.07.21

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s Sounding Board and this episode Daniel is joined by Sailor Sundae to do some much needed housekeeping, talk digital identities, and tennis player Naomi…

Memory Lane: Gym Class Hero

It’s an episode re-share! The school year is coming to a close, so we wanted to hype up this *truly hilarious* episode. We talk about the Presidential Fitness test, starting…

The Boys Go Satanic

Today it’s just Nick and Tyler on the couch! We discuss Montero, the Satanic Panic and how it messed with D&D, the Divine Comedy, and Meth!

The “Sick Enough” Trap

TW: ED Recovery We’re back! And we’re joined by Molly from the My Big Fat Recovery Podcast! We talk about doctors (blech), fat shaming in recovery circles both in treatment…