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Serena Ittoo Unveils Soulful Single “So Blue” — Embracing Simplicity and Authenticity

Listen to the new track here,

Serena Ittoo, the soulful singer-songwriter hailing from Enfield, UK, is set to enchant audiences with her latest single, “So Blue.” Known for her authentic and emotive music that explores the depths of human emotions, Ittoo’s new release is a soul/pop track that embraces the philosophy of “less is more” and carries a distinct jazz essence.

A Musical Journey of Authentic Expression

Following the success of her debut release, “Nature Foreseen,” Serena Ittoo continues her musical journey with “So Blue.” The genesis of the song revolves around the concept that simplicity in songwriting can often convey a more impactful and profound message. Inspired by a conversation with a friend, Ittoo delves into the power of embracing simplicity and letting the essence of emotions shine through.

“So Blue”: A Conversational Symphony of Emotions

“So Blue” is a conversation in musical form, where one person lays bare their true feelings to another. The lyrics navigate through what they’ve heard, expressing fears of uncertainty about whether the other person will reciprocate their love and allow their genuine connection to flourish. The soulful pop track is infused with a strong jazz essence, creating an immersive sonic experience.

Critical Acclaim and Collaborations

Serena Ittoo has not only captured the hearts of listeners but has also earned acclaim from notable platforms such as Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, and Record of the Day. Her commitment to authenticity and emotional storytelling has opened doors to remarkable opportunities, including the chance to write and perform an original song at Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home.

In her musical journey, Ittoo has collaborated with renowned songwriters like Grammy winner Gary Nicholson and multi-award-winning Jeff Cohen in Texas. The artist’s unique style and relatable narratives have been featured on numerous podcasts, showcasing her ability to connect with a diverse audience.

Dive into Serena Ittoo’s Musical Universe

Serena Ittoo invites music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in her world through her social media channels:

By exploring Serena Ittoo’s music, listeners are in for a treat — a journey filled with relatable melodies that transcend language and cultural boundaries. Her songs serve as an inspiration to appreciate individuality and recognize the shared experiences that unite us all.

As “So Blue” takes center stage in Serena Ittoo’s repertoire, audiences can anticipate an emotive and soulful exploration of human connection that will leave a lasting impact.

Listen to the new track here,

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