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Ugh, dating.

We’re… back? At the start of this episode, we make a big deal about how excited we are to be back. Oops! We reveal our New Years secrets, chat about…


S2E9: Jam-uary! Leah Hungerford joins us to talk all things canning! Jams, pickles, preserves, the connection to our ancestors, and how you too could start down the wonderful world of…

Sounding Board 02.04.20

It’s the first timely episode of Sounding Board and it’s also the Iowa Caucus, so of course we spend a good 20 minutes talking about that until we plug our…

Sounding Board 01.28.20

Daniel and Maureen sit down to talk about modern politics in the long-term, the coloring of period products in commercials, the difference between liberalism and socialism, and starbucks bedside manner

Sounding Board Pilot

It’s Sounding Board! Join Daniel and Maureen as we talk about our plans for the show, the ethics of convenience, and what’s the deal with JB Pritzker

Eat Shit, Jillian Michaels

WE’RE BACK, Y’ALL! We took a break, it was awesome, but now we’re back. And it’s great.Today we’re talking about CONCERN TROLLING, because ’tis the season, amirite? We talk about…