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Scapi Radio 01.17.19 Sarah Smith

We sit down with Sarah Smith, who we had on the show before as Rosie Roche, to talk taking a break to come back stronger, working on multiple skillsets, ceramics,…

Makers and Breakers: Square Pegs in Round Holes: Following the Ghosts of 500 Clown

Scapi Magazine’s monthly column about the history of experimental history in Chicago has a name! Makers and Breakers features 500 Clown in this installment by Scapi contributor Felix Abidor. Through a decade of clowning and physical innovation, 500 Clown has left a performance legacy that has endured long after the group’s dissolution.

Cop Shot The Kid Ep 3

In this episode we talk about mass shootings and the way police treat white criminals versus people of color. We also discuss some issues we have with the Netflix show…