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House Speaker Johnson Criticizes Senate’s Border Deal, Predicts it to be ‘Dead on Arrival’ in the House

In a bold move, House Speaker Mike Johnson has strongly opposed a bipartisan Senate deal that proposes combining border enforcement measures with aid for Ukraine. In a letter sent to colleagues on Friday, the Louisiana Republican aligned himself with hardline conservatives who are determined to thwart the compromise on border and immigration policy.

Expressing his concerns, Johnson stated that the legislation would face a bleak future in the House, terming it as “dead on arrival” if leaked reports about the bill were accurate. Although the senators negotiating the deal have not released the text of the bill yet, it has already faced criticism from Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, who, as the likely presidential nominee, condemned the deal earlier in the week, labeling it a political “gift” to Democrats.

In the letter, Johnson pointedly remarked, “Rather than accept accountability, President Biden is now trying to blame Congress for what HE himself intentionally created.” The House Speaker’s critique adds to the growing tension surrounding the proposed Senate deal, highlighting the deep divisions within the Republican party regarding border and immigration policies.

As the debate intensifies, it remains to be seen how this clash of opinions will shape the future of the bipartisan Senate deal and its potential impact on both border security measures and Ukraine aid.

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