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Exploring Goodness and Virtue: Jenny Magnus’ “The Good” Premieres at Curious Theatre Branch

photo by Stefan Brün

Curious Theatre Branch is set to captivate audiences with its latest production, “The Good,” a world premiere from Founding Co-Artistic Director Jenny Magnus. This thought-provoking musical work, directed by Stefan Brün, is scheduled to run from March 29 to April 21 at Chicago Dramatists, located at 789 N. Aberdeen Street.

“The Good” invites spectators to ponder profound questions surrounding the concept of goodness and virtue. Magnus, a renowned composer, writer, performer, musician, and director, takes center stage in this solo performance, exploring the complexities of being good and the societal pressures that come with it.

The opening night for “The Good” is set for Friday, March 29, at 8 p.m., with regular performances scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., and Sundays on February 7 and 14 at 3 p.m. The runtime of the production is approximately 50 minutes.

Tickets for this unique experience will be available starting Monday, Feb. 12, at Following a “pay what you can” pricing model, with a suggested ticket price of $20, Curious Theatre Branch aims to make this performance accessible to a broad audience.

In “The Good,” Jenny Magnus embarks on a musical journey, posing fundamental questions such as: What does it mean to be good? Is conformity to societal expectations a hindrance to individual growth? Can one be considered not good in subtle, unnoticed ways? Magnus draws inspiration from Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations,” examining the dichotomy between being good and potentially being labeled as bad.

The creative team behind “The Good” includes director Stefan Brün, video artist Jeffrey Bivens, stage manager Marlana May Carlson, music mixing and mastering by Ralph Loza, and movement consultation by Julia Rhodes and Meghann Wilkinson.

In addition to this upcoming premiere, Curious Theatre Branch has announced the 35th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival, scheduled from May 31 to June 30 at multiple venues. Building on the success of the 2023 festival, this edition promises a diverse range of shows, all new works presented in a pay-what-you-can format, allowing both seasoned and emerging theater makers to showcase their talents.

Aspiring artists interested in participating in the festival can submit their applications until February 28. The festival’s success lies in its commitment to providing a platform for innovative works while maintaining a pay-what-you-can pricing policy.

About Jenny Magnus, Playwright, and Performer: Jenny Magnus, using she/her pronouns, is a versatile artist and a founding co-artistic director of Curious Theatre Branch. With a rich history of creating plays showcased at esteemed venues like Steppenwolf Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Magnus continues to be a driving force in the world of original theater.

About Stefan Brün, Director: Stefan Brün, recognized with he/him pronouns, serves as an ensemble member at Curious Theatre Branch and is the director of “The Good.” Beyond his work with Curious, Brün is the executive director of Prop Thtr, co-founding the company in 1981. His extensive contributions to stage lighting, performance, and directing have left an indelible mark on the theater landscape.

About Curious Theatre Branch: Curious Theatre Branch, currently presenting “Hit Me Like a Flower” by Beau O’Reilly through February 4, is celebrating its 35th anniversary season. Devoted to creating new plays and performances, the company embraces a collaborative approach and a pay-what-you-can pricing policy, aiming to sustain and enrich the artistic community.

As the anticipation builds for the premiere of “The Good,” theater enthusiasts can expect an immersive experience that challenges perceptions and explores the nuances of goodness in an ever-evolving world. Don’t miss the chance to witness Jenny Magnus’ latest creation as she continues to push artistic boundaries and inspire contemplation through her unique perspective.

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