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3,000 Advertisers Have Left Breitbart Thanks to Sleeping Giants


 by Daniel Johanson

The anonymous twitter account Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) just announced this morning that they have pushed 3,000 companies to blacklist Breitbart as an advertising client. This is a major milestone for the work that Sleeping Giants has done in the past few months, and is a viable way to destabilize the white supremacist movement’s recent resurgence since the election of Donald Trump and the violent white supremacy rally in Charlottesville.

​The entity is a crowdsourced account that collects screenshots of ads for companies who have used third-party ad platforms (like Amazon) to fund the far-right outlet.

The outlet has gained in notoriety over the past few years, especially with the hiring (and subsequent firing) of Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of the site.

The site uses a mix of objective journalism and far-right extremism to cloak and dagger a white supremacist agenda. This parallels the current move in white supremacy to make itmore mainstream by avoiding white hood and swastika cliches.

Post-Charlottesville, an article in The Intercept chronicles these camps in the far-right divide which suggests the Sleeping Giants victory may be a major blow to the white supremacist movement in the long-term.

Globally the importance of identifying and  defunding white supremacy is heightened as the far-right party in Germany won seats in their parliament for the first time in decades.

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