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Scapi Radio 05.24.18 Almanya Narula

Danielle Levsky’s in the captain’s seat for this interview with Almanya Narula about Chicago Theatre Now, the Accountability Edition, a zine covering theater issues relevant to performers in Chicago. We talk about the state of arts journalism, the process of editing a zine/journal, and Daniel goes off on a weird rant about the neighbor’s dogs


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  1. Charlie Mann Charlie Mann May 25, 2018

    Love this episode, y’all. Thanks so much for doing all this great work for the arts community in our city.

    If I may offer one piece of constructive criticism, the audio levels felt really uneven in this episode. Listening to it in my earbuds, I found it very hard to keep the volume at one constant level where I could understand everyone without making other voices too loud. I only mention this because at times I missed things people said and had to adjust the volume and backtrack to make sure I fit it.

    Again, thanks for this podcast. Looking forward to hearing more.

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