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TikTok is Banning Users Speaking Out Against Pedophilia on the App

A few well-known TikTokers, including @Juiceesaft, @sticksy617, @CoopNoop20, and @Keondra.K were banned in the last day by the app over posts calling out TikTok user @clapdaddie, a cosplayer facing multiple accusations of predatory behavior.

For those who are late app adapters, TikTok is an app that has grown tremendously in popularity over the last year. It started as a lip-syncing app but quickly became a sanctuary for the many creators displaced by the short sketch app Vine’s closure.

According to Distractify, @Clapdaddie is accused of acting inappropriately towards minors, specifically underage trans men, making inappropriate sexual advances over the internet and in person.

Fellow cosplayer Ava Leeigh was one of the first individuals to expose Clapdaddie’s alleged misconduct, telling her nearly 890K followers that the 22-year-old has a “clear history of fetishizing trans men” and “saying sexual things to them.” Here’s a breakdown of the accusations against Clapdaddie and his response to the scandal.

Following Ava Leeigh’s message, a trans minor named Lucas claimed that Clapdaddie would talk about visiting him in Michigan and even asked the then 16-year-old to get a hotel room for them to both stay in. 

“It was kind of weird, and I made it known that I wasn’t the biggest fan of that idea,” Lucas said. “Our friendship is over and I suggest you just unfollow him, block him, and do not talk to him, especially if you are a young trans guy since that seems to be his type.”

Since then, many users have spoken out against @clapdaddie. His account is still very much active, and he recently released a lengthy video on the platform defending his actions.

“Yes, I do talk to minors. I am on TikTok. I am in a cosplay community. I talk to anyone no matter their age, race, or gender,” Clapdaddie said. “I do not fetishize trans people. Yes, that is my preference. I like trans people. I like trans men, but I do not fetishize over them.”

From there, many of @clapdaddie’s fans reported anyone making content that deflated his narrative. From there, TikTok banned these users, siding with @clapdaddie rather than the waves of accusers.

@Keondra.K took to YouTube to explain what is going on in an effort to get their account back. As of writing, TikTok had not reinstated any of the accounts affected by the mass reporting.

“I have sent emails, but I don’t see TikTok getting back to me anytime soon, they’re known for being slow to getting back to you if they even get back to you,” @keondra.k said. “I don’t know who I can really talk to otherwise because TikTok is more automated than it is human.”

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