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Posts published in “Podcasts”

Set those BOUNDARIES bb

It’s just the three of us! Your favorite people! We talk about boundaries, y’all. And we get into it. A douche bag of gym memberships past reappears, we discuss toxicity…

Sounding Board 06.17.20

It’s Sounding Board, and this episode we talk reopening woes, our love for the capitol hill autonomous zone, the push for rent freeze, and cat antics

Sounding Board 06.04.20

we spend the episode talking about police brutality. it’s been a rough week, and we assume it has been for you, too. there’s been struggle and there’s been accomplishments, and…

Sounding Board 05.19.20

We’re back with the incomparable Mar Curran (digitally) to give a beans update, then we talk about Jason Bateman for a little while before talking about the ethics of promoting…