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Every Vote Counts: A Poetic Expression to Fight Night

Pictured above: Promotional image for Fight Night/Photo: Provided by Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Editor’s Note: This is a poetic expression in response to Onroerend Goed’s Fight Night. The piece will take some language used within the performance to respond to the show.

On October 25, Walkabout Theater at Chicago Shakespeare Theater presented From Belgium: Ontroedrend Goed’s Fight Night, a hilarious yet serious interactive show about how every vote counts in a democracy.


Ladies. . .
and gentlemen. . .
Lend me your ears.

I pursue,
I persist,
I acquire
your vote.

Did you vote
for me because
I was appealing?

Or did you vote
for me because
we have the same
views on the world?

This is my face.
This is my voice.
I hope you like the voice
that comes from my face.

I hope you like my face
because you are going
to be seeing a lot more me.

Doing good for the world.
Doing some sort of change.
Doing a positive change
for you.

Ladies. . .
and gentlemen. . .
Lend me your ears. . .


Director Alexander Devriendt was influenced by politics in today’s world on how politicians present themselves for votes, how the media can influence the majority votes and how the surroundings around the public affects the vote.

“What it mostly boils down to is the feeling that made me say: ‘I trust this person,’” Devriendt said. “A trust that seemed to be of my own making.”

We the people decide who we vote for in upcoming elections, whether it be merely just “liking” or “trusting” the candidate, or if our views align with the candidate, or if we just decide not to vote at all.


For more information about upcoming shows at Walkabout Theater, check out their website at Q Brothers Collective is performing Q Brothers’ Christmas Carol at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater through December 30. More information can be found at

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