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Rauner Cries Democratic Deep State with “I am not in charge” comment

On December 6th, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner elaborated on his “I am not in charge” comment with relation to the state of Illinois.

“No, not really,” Rauner said at an unrelated news conference Tuesday. “I think everyone in the state knows what I’m talking about. We’ve had one person in power, one person in charge of the vast amounts of the government for 35 years.”

This is a pretty clear reference to House Speaker Michael Madigan, who has become a talking point for the right as a George Soros type, funding democratic candidates in Illinois races. This claim is frequently made on social media about gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker, which is interesting considering Pritzker has been clear he’s capable of self-funding his campaign.


According to the Tribune, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has sought to make Madigan a liability, spending tens of millions of dollars in recent years to brand him as the cause of the state’s economic and financial problems.

In response to Rauner’s comments, Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar points out the up and coming Republican challenger, Jeanne Ives.


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