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Marie Newman Could Be Illinois’ Medicare for All Champion

photo from the Marie Newman Facebook page

In IL03 things are heating up as once again the Marie Newman campaign is officially on the ballot against incumbent Daniel Lipinski.

Those following last election are likely familiar with this matchup. Newman fell 2 points short of defeating longtime Illinois Rep. Daniel Lipinski in a Democratic primary last year, but this year she has come out with clear policy intentions in line with the interests of the Left.

“I am absolutely laser focused on the affordability of life,” she said. “Right now our lives are not affordable.”

She’s made clear that she supports Medicare for All and the expansion of mental health services in the state and country, and would work to make strides in helping those suffering from student loan debt.

“Student debt is one of the largest obstacles in creating an economy that works for everyone,” Newman said. “Young people across #IL03 are heading back to their colleges/universities this week, and we’re announcing our plan for post-secondary education today.”

Lipinski is marked as one of the congress members that in this election lean more towards the right wing of the party. Lipinski voted against Obamacare when it was first introduced, which he admits in a Press Release on his website when asked to clarify his stance with regards to the recent ACA repeal vote.

According to the Tribune, Lipinski also was one of the few votes against the DREAM Act to protect young undocumented immigrants come at a time of broader polarization within the party.

“I’ve been watching Lipinski’s votes for the entire time he’s been in Congress, which is 14 years, and he always votes against the district,” Newman said in an interview with WGN Radio. “Whether it’s against immigration rights, against DACA, against working families, against expanding the middle class, and saying that he’s working on infrastructure and there being absolutely no evidence that he is, so with that as I watched that unfold, it’s what’s happening in the Democratic Party. We’re speaking up, this guy who should be in the Republican Party should go to the Republican Party, and we need a Progressive voice.”

You can learn more about Marie Newman on her website here.

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