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True North Cafe, Heartland Cafe, and More Become “Power Hubs” for Amara Enyia Campaign

Amara Enyia’s campaign launched its “Power Hub” program on election day, the program collaborates with local businesses to create spaces to talk about change in Chicago.

These locations have become organizational spaces for the campaign, where you can pick up AMARA palm cards, petition forms, and drop off signed forms.

“I’m excited to launch our power hubs for the campaign,” Enyia said. “A lot of my professional experience is in economic development and also working with the small business community to support entrepreneurs and help create a strong and vibrant small business sector.”

The locations span the North and South side, with True North Cafe in Hyde Park and Andersonville providing a bridge for both sides of the city.

All of the Mikkey’s Retro Grill locations will also serve as hubs, as well as The Silver Room, an event space and artist gallery on 53rd.



Daniel Johanson (he/him) is a journalist and digital media specialist living in Chicago, Illinois. He serves as Editor-in-Chief at Scapi and in that capacity manages all things content, including writing and editing articles and producing digital content. His most recent work includes the docuseries Heart of a Nation: Tracking Socialism in the Midwest and co-hosting the podcast Scapi Radio. He spends his free time with cats.

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