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Our 400th Post

This post will be the 400th on the site. It’s a departure from format, in that I’m pulling from a facebook post I wrote earlier today, and posting it as a blog post.

“Honestly, I don’t know how we got the magazine to where it is today. We’ve met and collaborated with so many people, have 6,000-20,000 views on the website each month, and genuinely feel like a positive part of independent media.

Some months, though, some days even, it feels like the end of the road. The magazine brings in ~$200 a month right now. RCN shut off our internet again today, for the tenth time. This week particularly, I’ve felt so burnt out from the posting, editing, and recording schedule, that I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

We haven’t done a Kickstarter or Indiegogo, one time we asked for donations directly after some equipment broke, but that was more about being able to continue private recording work.

Now I need to ask for something bigger. If you have had a positive experience with Scapi Magazine, if you’ve read something meaningful, if you’ve listened to a podcast episode and enjoyed it, if you’ve been featured on the site, if you came to a show when we were producing them, first off, I want to thank you. But I also need your help.

What we need more than ever, and what we’ve been dancing around until now, is a bigger budget. Our theater section has a $100 budget that Danielle Levsky has masterfully spread as far as it can go.

I write as much content as I can, my count is 72 articles written since December. I have my own team of writers, but I also have a set budget of $60 that I frequently go over.

What we’ve envisioned for building income is a mix between individual memberships and sponsorships. We have multiple levels, right now $5 a month gets you a Go Out and Make Something Pin, $10 a month gets you invited to our apartment for our soon to be weekly Scapi Studio series, and $25 a month lets you use the Gear Library I mentioned back in the day.

Entities that want to advertise can do so at $25 a month as well. That gets your logo on the home page, and it also gives you discounted rates for sidebar and banner ads on the site. We have a whole ad catalogue for that, please message me about it because at this point we’re open to negotiation.

If you can’t give money, consider sharing this post. Consider sharing our content more often. Pin our content so it shows up first in your feed so you can help our status in the algorithm. Subscribe to us on wordpress. Ask us about other ways that you can help us and we can collaborate.”

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