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Wacky Wednesday: Thrice the Spice

Each Thursday, we select a group of DIY theater artists, performers and creatives in Chicago and ask them a question completely unrelated to theater or performance. Welcome to Wacky Wednesday.

This week, we’re asking three different questions to three different artists. Wacky, I know:

“Does life fascinate you?”

Chris Roe; DIY Producer and Performer at Sexy Dirt Productions:

“Yes. I love moments in my life when I feel so insignificant and small, especially if that pertains to nature. I can go stand on a cliff or go to Hawaii and stand on the edge of an island… I went to Belize and was at the top of a waterfall and I just felt the power of the rolling hills. I felt so insignificant and small. That fascinates me. How the fuck did all of this get created? And when I think about the universe and all the different galaxies and the wide expanse of space, it is equal parts fascinating and terrifying. There’s this moment of pure terror that comes over how much we don’t know, how much is out there and how on Earth this microcosm exists. The creation of life that we know, especially pertaining to nature… How small we can feel… It’s a humbling moment. It fascinates me, if I take that word in a negative way, how shocked I am by how people treat each other, themselves, the environment around them. I’m fascinated by how people tick. We are all so different… living on this little speck.”

“You’ve been given an elephant. What would you do with the elephant?”

Denise Yvette Serna; Creator, Director, Facilitator and Activist:

“​I’d take them somewhere safe! Free from poachers, with all sorts of yummy plants around. Elephants eat near 400 pounds of food a day. It would be unkind to the elephant to try to keep them; I’d never be able to give them the life they deserve. Before we said goodbye I’d feed my elephant (Stampy, in honor of Bart Simpson’s elephant) and sing songs to it. ​With regard to the distance we’d be traveling to safety, the playlist would likely include Barry Manilow, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jason Mraz, Lisa Hannigan, ​​Nsync, and Celine Dion’s entire Falling Into You album. Stampy would have the option of playing tambourine with their trunk, if they felt so inclined.

“Describe the color yellow.”

Jo Schaffer; Runaways Lab Company Member:

“A poorly written Haiku:
Yellow is a fun color.
I only look good in mustard
but it’s okay I suppose.


Are you a DIY theater artist and/or performer who likes to answer strange and random questions? Email with your interest to be featured on a Wacky Wednesday.

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