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Wacky Wednesday: The Next Plan is Cereal

Each Thursday, we select a group of DIY theater artists, performers and creatives in Chicago and ask them a question completely unrelated to theater or performance. Welcome to Wacky Wednesday.

This week, we’re asking two questions to four different artists. Wacky, I know:

“What’s Plan B/C/D/E?”

Jack Schultz; Company member and Basement Series lead of The Agency Theater Collective:

“Try. Try again. Try one more time. And again. 

Gannon Reedy; Artistic Director of Runaways Lab Theater, Game Master of the Neoscum Podcast, Iconoclast:

“​Plan B? There is no plan B.

Plan C is Law school.”

“If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?”

Quenna Lené Barrett; Company Member (performer, director) with ICAH’s For Youth Inquiry Performance Company, Founder and Facilitator of Community Actors Program at UChicago’s Arts Incubator:

“Rice Krispies TREATS Cereal–not just Rice Kripsies! It comes in a purple box, is less commonly known, and is my absolute favorite.

Ricardo Gamboa; Creator of BRUJOS, HOODOISIE, MEET JUAN(ITO) DOE, Company Member Free Street Theater:

“Grapenuts. Because, my mother never let me eat those junkfood cereals that all the other kids did, I got to eat Grapenuts and if she was feelin’ kuh-ray-say, Rice Krispies, Corn Pops or Honey Smacks. So, I’m gonna say Grapenuts.”


Are you a DIY theater artist and/or performer who likes to answer strange and random questions? Email with your interest to be featured on a Wacky Wednesday.

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